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Time Management

MEEWEE can now also be used to manage TIME. Time is currently a free beta feature available for all current customers. Enable beta features in your organizations Master Data. MEEWEE can now help employees easily register how their time is allocated throughout the day. Register time against projects and keep track of your hours using the MEEWEE dashboard.

More rules

We have added new rule types in our rule engine, thereby creating new possibilities for you to customize MEEWEE to your needs. We still strive to create the best rule engine on the market and you'll never come across a problem regarding Time & Leave Management, that we won't be able to solve. Time & Leave Management has never been easier!

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Why is there so much administration?

Actually, it doesn’t have to be like that! MEEWEE is the first step towards a world with less administration.

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MEEWEE is probably the most Easy to use, Flexible and Dynamic software to manage leave requests and time.