What we collect and process

What one person view as harmless info, another may find private and should never be disclosed. We believe you know best! Here's what the we collect when you use Meewee:

- User that is logged in (including email address)
- IP address and time of login

We don't process or use this information unless you ask us to for security reasons.

Storing of collected data

All communication from our users (web or mobile app) to our cloud service is done over secure, encrypted communication via SSL. Data can be viewed in our web app or mobile app (via Google Play or Apple App Store).

- Database servers are on a secured private network
- When possible stored data is encrypted and/or anonymized
- Public facing services have minimal access to the secured private network.
- Only authorized and designated operational Meewee personel can access and manage the production environment (and this is only through a secured SSL connection).

Deletion of data

It is your data! We will delete it automatically should you no longer wish to be a customer. We will also happily send you a copy of the data, just send us an email!

The legal documents

We are passionated about compliance!