Birthday update

It’s almost been a week since our birthday and we thought you would like to hear what has happened since then. First and foremost, thank you! to all our friends who have liked and shared our birthday post. We have received feedback from all the corners of the world, from Denmark to Malaysia, so thank you for helping us make MEEWEE known.

Since our birthday we have released our app on app store, so now it’s even easier to use MEEWEE for our customers!

We have held many online demonstrations during the course of last week, and we really appreciate the interest you have shown in MEEWEE! Still for those of you who haven’t had the time for a online demo, but are still interested MEEWEE, check out our new customer testimonials on our website, or contact us to get your own online demo. But as always, remember, we are not done! There is many more things to come! So look forward to more posts, new releases, and our big launch later this year!

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Actually, it doesn’t have to be like that! MEEWEE is the first step towards a world with less administration.

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