MEEWEE started in 2012

Back in October 2012, Henrik Mohr and Marianne Kjeldgaard Knudsen founded MEEWEE with funding from two very successful entrepreneurs Allan Thorvaldsen and Diego d’Ambra. Allan and Diego are also a part of the Board where Allan is the Chairman.

In 2013 companies started using MEEWEE

By early 2013, MEEWEE engaged with companies all over Scandinavia, in Holland and Belgium looking for savings, which they achieved by using MEEWEE to handle their Leave Management activities. In addtion to Leave Management, we also launched Time Management enabling companies to see what employees are working on in combination with their absences. Since then, MEEWEE has proven to be an affordable alternative to Excel and large-scale HR systems as it reduces time spent on administration leaving more time for business.

In 2014 we refined

During 2014, we have focused on user experience making it possible to select between languages, we have updated the look and feel and made it easy for managers to create reports. We have also made it possible to create subsidiaries which has been a significant step for us and not least for our international clients with multiple locations.

2015: new usages

2015 have been spent listening to our customers need of easier usage. We've added new channels for communicating with us in real time while using MEEWEE, and we've launched MEEWEE Mobile 2.0 for both Android and iOS. We've also made it possible to use MEEWEE in clock-in/out scenarios, based easy-to-create employee scheduling - and of course embedded in our dynamic rule engine.

2016: partnering up!

In 2016 we will launch even more usages of MEEWEE including something that doesn't even involve using our apps or web interfaces. We will be partnering up with vendors of other systems, where an integrated solution makes both their and our delivery worth a lot more.

New basic features and updates in the user interface and general usability will also be launched in 2016. We can't wait to show you! :)

We are Passionated about our Mission reducing time spend on administration.

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