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Working solo or with multiple teams & organizations? No need to use different tools.

You have absolute control of your own data. Register it on MeeWee and all your organizations can access just what they need.

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Access your previous data when you switch companies, while they can still use what's required.

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Let’s be honest. Time and leave registration is cumbersome. Handling information from an increasingly hybrid workforce is an administrative nightmare.

We build MeeWee to fix this. With our clever data sharing, advanced rule engine, and integration with widely used business tools, time registration is no longer a burden, but a digital asset.

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Teams and individuals track their time and report their leaves with Meewee


I care about my time that I spent at work as much as my time off it. That’s the Mee.


We care about the productivity and well-being of our colleagues, as well as our organization’s process. That’s the Wee.


“It's a great tool tracking my own progress not just on my company projects but also my personal projects! And I will not worry losing track of all of it even when I change company.”

Xawi Rodriguez

UI/UX Designer


“What I like about Meewee is the experience of inputting tasks and hours on the timesheet table, by that I can easily identify and track how often I do a specific task.“

Wany Chaves

Admin Staff


“The things I like about Meewee is that I am able to see the entire week of my timesheet and review or change it before submitting. I also like the organized way of putting the projects, then tasks, then hours and description in the timesheet table.“

Ran Miano

Full-stack Developer


“It’s the first step towards a more professional workplace. When a company starts growing, you see that more structure is needed. Meewee provides a helpful tool to support structure and discipline becoming the backbone of the company. It has been beneficial for both employees and managers.”

Anne Van Ommeren

HR Manager & Marketing


“From the initial contact with Meewee, the process has been straight forward getting started using Meewee. Our employees are happy as they can easily access their leave balance and apply for leave anytime. I have also been able to save time as they no longer need to ask me about their leave request has been approve or not.”

Haslinda Saharudin


European Collection Agency

“Meewee caught our interest, as our employees can register their (own) leave requests while Meewee manages all new updates. We are now guaranteed a complete overview - always with the latest information.”

Anne Provis

Coordinator & Developer